Neuropathy Signs and Symptoms

neuropathy signs and symptoms foot pain

Do you have signs and symptoms of neuropathy in Toms River? Neuropathy is also known as peripheral neuropathy because of its effect on the body’s sensory and motor nerves. It is very common for patients to experience the first symptoms in their extremities (hands, arms, legs and feet).  When this occurs it is referred to as Sensorimotor Polyneuropathy.

Signs and Symptoms of Neuropathy in Toms River NJ

  • Experiencing tingling sensations in the extremities. This sensation is also described as a pins and needling feeling or prickling feeling.
  • Burning pain in the lower limbs. Eventually the burning will move into the arms and hands as the condition progresses.
  • Having pains that are sharp and stabbing. Generally these pains are worse in the evening. Like the burning sensation, it will begin in the feet and legs and as the condition processes, the “electric-like” pain will move into the hands and arms.
  • Debilitating balance and coordination problems as a result of weakness, pain, numbness and tingling.

It is also common for patients to develop muscle weakness and coordination problems. The muscles in the limbs may also become paralyzed. Patients also have increased likelihood of developing foot ulcers and infections in the skin. Peripheral neuropathy can occur when there is nerve damage and develop into dysesthesia, which effects a patients’ touch sensation. This often leads to a tingling and/or burning sensation. The skin on the extremities eventually will become too painful to bear.


Peripheral Neuropathy is a result of damage to the nerves often causing weakness, pain, numbness, tingling and the most debilitating balance problems. This damage is commonly caused by a lack of blood flow to the nerves in the hands and feet which causes the nerves to begin to degenerate due to lack of nutrient flow. You may have been told that you have to live with the problem or given drugs which make you feel uncomfortable. Beck Wellness Center can offer your hope without those endless drugs with serious side effects.

We utilize, state of the art, FDA cleared technology that has been shown to increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, provide symptomatic relief for chronic intractable pain, and maintaining or increasing range of motion. Thousands of patients across the country have seen positive results using our same protocols and the technologies we use are featured modalities in clinics such as The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins University and many more! Although in many cases, there may not be a cure for peripheral neuropathy, you can gain and maintain symptomatic relief.  Call Beck Wellness Center today to see how we can help you!

It’s important to see a doctor if you are experiencing any abnormal pain, numbness, tingling or weakness in your arms, legs, wrists, ankles, hands or feet. When a condition such as this is diagnoised early, you are able to control the condition and potentially prevent more damage. It is also recommended to see a doctor if you are having difficulty sleeping due to pain, difficulty with walking, balance or coordination or if you have a small cut on an extremity that doesn’t appear to be healing normally.  Our team at Beck Wellness Center in Toms River is here to help.


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